Thursday, 26 November 2015

Collection: Claire's Toy Caravans....

I come from a family of collectors. As a child it was a pretty much a weekly occurrence to visit antique or collectors fairs with my parents. I grew up with an appreciation of what it was 'to collect'.

I have been admiring Claire's beautiful home on Instagram for some time now and am planning to do a little tour and interview in the near future, but as soon as I saw Claires caravan collection i just had to find out more and share.

Claire was kind enough to answer some questions about her collection....

Claire Oster's Toy Caravan Collection

Hello! My name is Claire I'm 35 and I live in Strasbourg France with my Husband Simon, Son Lucas, Step-Son Colin, and our two cats Holly and Tom. I'm currently a stay at home Mum and I'm originally from London in the UK. I moved to Strasbourg to be with my now Husband who I met online. I've been here just over 6 years. Previous to that I spent 3.5 years living in Melbourne, Australia, so I've moved around quite a bit!
What made you start collecting caravans?
I first started collecting caravans just over a year ago, after noticing the collection of a fellow instagrammer (@junkshopvenus) which I really admired! I then spotted one at a charity shop and that was it! I've been searching them out ever since.
Did you holiday in caravans as a child so do they have a nostalgic value for you?
My grandparents had a caravan when I was very small, but I think for me, it’s just a nostalgia for anything in the past. I'm a bit obsessed with collecting anything from the 50's/60's/70's.
Do you have a caravan of your own?

No...But I really, really wish that I did!! Perhaps one day....
Where do you buy them from?
The majority of mine have been found at charity shops, Car boot sales, vide greniers ect, though I have found a couple on ebay, One was gifted to me from the Instagram friend whose collection I mentioned above, that kick-started me to begin collecting them myself, which was really lovely!
 Is there a wish list caravan?
Not especially, as instead of searching for particular models, I prefer to see what I come across when hunting charity shops and car boot sales. That said, I would really like some of the Dinky models that I don't have in my collection, which don't really turn up often in France. For me, the thrill is finding one 'in the wild' that I don't already have. Even if it’s the same, but in a different colourway to one already in my collection. Different colour - Different caravan!

What is the most you have paid for one?
I think the most I paid was £5 on Ebay, for one that I really wanted. But usually I pay between 50 cents and 3 euros. Mine is not an expensive collection!
Do you have any other collections?
Do I? Ha-ha! I have so many collections that it would take too long to list them all here ;)
Among other things, I collect West German plant pots, Vintage bride and groom wedding cake toppers, Kitsch Spanish holiday souvenirs from the 70's, vintage tights/stockings in their original packaging, anything tiny that I display in old print drawers, retro/vintage kitchen items, Anything religious, creepy vintage plastic squeak toys and basically anything vintage/kitsch/curious that catches my attention. Most of my collections have happened by accident, where I have found one of the items, loved it, and then spotted others out and about. Once I've found three of something, it’s officially a collection! All of my things have been found cheaply in charity shops or at car boot sales.

A massive thank you to fellow mama Claire, I know how precious time is when you have a little one xx

If any of you have a collection you would like to share please email me at

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

BED PEACE, HAIR PEACE: In bed with John Lennon & Yoko Ono

On March 25th 1969, only 5 days after their wedding, John Lennon and Yoko Ono staged a couple of non-violent in-bed protests. One in room 702 of the Amsterdam Hilton and later one in Montreal, in aid of world peace. The press were invited to attend between 9am and 9pm to talk about Peace.

As a life long Pacifist these pictures have always struck a nerve with me and with the recent troubles in Paris and Syria  (and the many other places) I found myself looking at these pictures again.

I have been called idealistic and naive but I really don't see why people can't just chill out, be kind and all get along....... and as John and Yoko said.......Remember Love!

 The images have become Iconic however it was not until 2012 that Yoko Ono released the video for the world to see. It is over an hour long but it is a great watch


Sunday, 22 November 2015

Shop: An Interview with Dean and Jeska from The Future Kept...

The Future Kept: An Independent UK based Online Shop

I first discovered The Future Kept via Pinterest. It was the Pink Honey Comb House of Rym Blanket in the above picture that first caught my eye, and after heading over to their site and bagging myself one I have become a huge fan, and thought it was time I shared!!

.... so Moon to Moon caught up with husband and wife duo Dean and Jeska to find out a little more about The Future Kept

What inspired you to open the Future Kept?
For a long time both of us had noticed significant changes in the way that we lived, the items we chose for our home and for every day life, and just felt a strong connection of wanting to do something together that reflected that, and something that was a combination of both of our creative pursuits and combining all the things that we both enjoy.  The Future Kept is part of this journey for us both, our online store with a focus to lead and inspire people to think a little more carefully about the items they have in their lives. By working with talented and independent creatives who create products grounded in meanings and story, we aim to promote the ethos of Buy Less, Buy Better, to connect and form relationships with like-minded folk, and create something which can have a positive impact on how people live, and the environment.

Dean's Choice: Mountain Coffee Mug
What would you say is the style /vibe of the shop?
Ha, that is a tough one! We don’t really fit into one particular aesthetic or style/taste. It is a combination of what we both like, so not overly masculine or feminine, it is more about the individual pieces than too much of a definitive style. We are both always drawn to items that are both useful and beautiful, with timeless qualities or a strong provenance, pieces that are outside of fashions or trends. A lot of the style is influenced by a sort of criteria we have when brining anything new to the store, who makes it, how is it made, where is it made, what does it support. I suppose if you had to call it anything, we have a slightly bohemian/rescued/wabi-sabi/timeless vibe!
The Future Kept: Pop-up shop in West Elm UK

What was the inspiration behind the name?

We wanted something that initially summed up how we feel about how we personally lived, something that was more than just a shop, online store, buying & selling, the name definitely evolved as we worked on one, but The Future Kept just felt right, plus all the domains and social channels were available, which as an online store is of a huge importance. It also had to have a somewhat timeless feel and sound to it, with that being part of the ethos of the store, something that wasn’t particularly strong or to ‘on trend’ wouldn’t have quite sat right with either of us. We still can’t remember which one of us actually came up with it in the end! But I do know that Jeska definitely had the final say and wasn’t budging on the name while I procrastinated for way too long!

What are your 5 Favorite products from the shop?

This is hard, because we basically love everything in the store! :)

British Made Oak Pocket knife

- Dean -
Waxed Canvas Backpack -
English Oak Pocket Knife -
Letterpress Print -
Roam Camera Bag -
Mountain Coffee Mug -

Jeska's Choice: Indigo Remnant Quilt

- Jeska -
Chai Soap -
Liha Beauty Oil -
Indigo Remnant Quilt -
Forest Goddess Print -
Beacon Lambswool Shawl -

Jeska's Choice: Liha Beauty oil

What next for the future kept? Bricks and Mortar shop?

It is hard to say! We would love a space of our own where we could create something that was a bit more community and creatively driven than a normal shop. Being able to pursue the shop full time is something we would definitely love to do (we both work freelance as well still at the moment!) We are looking at doing some more pop-ups next year around the country so that we can travel more and meet more of the people we have been meeting online and through the store, maybe something a little longer than a few days, who knows! Mainly we are just so thankful for the way this first year has gone and the overwhelming feedback and support that really does keep us going every day

If you had the choice of traveling back in time to shop for furnishings for your home what decade would you choose?

Ahhhhh, another tough one! turn of the century late 1800’s for its utilitarian, well worn honestly crafted - frontier cabin style or the 1950’s for a full mid century minimal Danish blowout! One place we have visited and wouldn’t need to travel in time to that kind of sums up our ideal style is Christiania in Copenhagen, the recycled resourcefulness and sheer beauty of that whole area and the houses is completely magical.

Thank You so much to Dean and Jeska for taking time out to talk to Moon to Moon.  The Future Kept can also be found on Instagram, Pinterest, facebook and twitter

xx Gabi