Friday, 28 November 2014

Surrealist Garden: Las Pozas

Las Pozas is a surrealist garden created by Sir Edward James, a British poet and major supporter of the Surrealist art movement. In 1949 James chose the tropical jungles near Xilitla, San Luis Potosí in Mexico for his garden of Eden.

Want to know more....

Edward James built one of the biggest and least known artistic monuments of the 20th century known as Las Pozas. Over a 20 year period, over 36 surrealistic structures were built in concrete at this magnificent site.

Edward abandoned the intellectual, social and artistic circles of London, Paris, New York and Hollywood for the jungles of Mexico. He lived in Xilitla with his close companion Plutarco Gastelum, a Yaqui Indian, and his family. Plutarco would later become Edward's construction foreman at Las Pozas. El Castillo was built by Plutarco and became the home of his family. Edward also lived there when he wasn't staying at Las Pozas.

Before coming to Mexico to build Las Pozas in the early 1950's, he had already led an extraordinary life. His family owned a 300 room mansion and 6,000 acre estate in England, which Edward later converted into West Dean College, now an internationally recognized center for restoration arts.
Born to immense wealth and privilege in 1907, Edward's life imitated the surrealist art he loved and collected. He turned his back on the rigid aristocratic circles of Edwardian England that he was born into, and befriended and supported dozens of artists who would become household names in later years. The people in his life included Dali, Picasso, and Stravinsky. He wrote poetry all his life, however it was in his building of Las Pozas that he realized himself as an artist.

Still intrigued?..... Visit the official website of Las Pozas here

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Indian Torans above the Bed

A beautiful hand made Indian Toran over the window in this Thai home

Indian Toran over a Cot in babies Nursery
Indian Toran above the bed in Echo Park
These Toran from India are great arent they? Each one is unique as they are hand-stitched. The ones I have seen usually feature Ganesh (mover of obstacles) at the center and then beautiful embroidered birds, animals and people.

Although they are tradionally door hangings they also look great above the bed or window....

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The home of... Tomas Colaco...

This beautiful traditional Portuguese tiled house is owned by University of Milan Professor Tomas Colaco. Tomas spends his time living between Lisbon and Tangiers and this is evident in his beautiful eclectic home, full of beautiful textiles and trinkets from his travels. What I really love about this home is its mildly shabby appearance mixed with beautiful pristine fabrics.

I came across this home when a reader sent me a full link for an image in my Suzani Post from last week. I  instantly recognized the home from magazine The World of Interiors.

To see more of this beautiful home and read more about Tomas visit his blog here

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Suzani Bed Spreads...

Bohemian Bedroom: Suzani used as a throw

I love Suzani's. One day I will own one, but until that day comes I will just have to admire them from a far. As these photos show, it doesn't matter what style your bedroom is, a Suzani will look just great! There are loads of them on etsy, my favorite is this one from textile seller extraordinaire Fat Lama!!