Saturday, 29 August 2015

Current Obsession: Senufo Stools

Senufo Stool as a bench
Senufo Stool
Senufo Stool
Senufo Stool used as a table
Senufo Stool used as a Table

You know one of those items that you see everywhere but can't ever figure out what they are called, or find a link that explains what it is or where to get it? Well that is what has been going on for a few months with these beautiful stools!

......Senufo Stools...... to be exact.

These beautiful stool are hand carved from a single block of wood by the Senufo people of the Ivory coast, and as such are extremely durable. perfect for extra low level seating or as a handy litle side table!!

African Stools at the Rosebowl

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Sitting room of.... Dabido

Small but perfectly formed, and so well laid out!!!

I have a tiny house and I am always looking for ways to 'utilise my space' more effectivly. As I have decided to buy most of my furniture second hand does mean that I have to wait to find the perfect piece, which is wonderful when it presents itself, but a pain waiting.....

This small sitting room is owned by blogger and photographer Dabido of Old Brand New and was a makeover in collaboration with West Elm USA.

I really love what he has done with the room. Loads of huge house plants, bright colours and interesting shapes. There is a nice mixture of brand new items like the table and lamp (both from West Elm) and vintage/ handmade crafted items like the little yellow Indian Bajot table and the African figures on the bookshelves.

My favorite item however is that fabulous hand carved Indian Satara mirror from World Market..... too bad they don't ship to the UK, I would actually buy that for my hallway!!

To see more of his home and his work visit Dabido at Old Brand New

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

The Yurt of .... Erin Tavin and Nathan Stein

 I pretty much squealed with delight when I found this tour of Erin Tavin (of Clothing shop Tavin) and Nathan Stein's Echo Beach Yurt. I would love to have a little hideaway space in my back garden to fill with pretty textiles and purchases from my travels!

The couple were inspired by their own travels and decided a yurt would be the perfect comfy space they needed as a backyard chill area. The dreamy 320 square feet yurt is made from Douglas Fir throughout and was raised by Nathan and his friends, the couple have also added two porches and french doors.

Certainly puts my humble shed to shame!!

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